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Actulab build unique and innovative solutions by connecting academics and practitioners.

Who are we?


We involve students to build unique solutions to solve the more complex challenges of enterprises.


Our innovation workshops creates opportunities to network between students and practitioners. 


Track record of successes on generating exclusive solutions that creates measurable competitive advantages for our partners.


Our Projects

External data

Data quantity and volume is higher than ever. From census to data generated by connected objects, we work continuously to push the limits and generate multiple opportunities with externaldata.

Machine learning

From predictive modeling to artificial intelligence, machine learning have tons of applications in business areas. In this project, we focus particularly on applying emerging techniques.

Geospatial segmentation

Geospatial segmentation is a field with a lot of innovation opportunities. From marketing to climate risks classification, we are constantly researching new ways to improve maps and geocomputing.

Business innovation

Reinventing the way we are doing business from internal processes to products offered to clients. This project focus on the integration of analytics for business innovation.


Actulab was a very great and enriching experience for me. Initially, I got interested by a competition with one of my friend, Aurelien, simply for the pleasure of working together, but we rapidly got in the game! The competition was open, so we were able to test and compare different techniques to see the various angles of the problem, every time with our motivation being more driven by the competitive spirit, not only by the prizes (we were also interested by it!)
After the competition, Actulab kept contact with us, and we had the chance to productionize our solution during an real event. Actulab was also a great way for me to develop my network, and a nice addition to my resume. I was contacted by Desjardins Insurance following the competition, where I’m now working full time since January 2016.

Sylvain Demars

My participation at the first Actulab competition bring me a lot on the professional side. In addition to improve my computer programming skills. I had the chance to increase my professional network. The time I invested in working on the competition was largely rewarded by the visibility I got. I recommend Actulab to everyone who want to demonstrate his competencies to employers in solving real-life problems.

J.P. Le Cavalier

For me Actulab was full of great things! First of all, competitions allow you to push yourself by working in teams on applied projects for a real organization. You can apply what you learned in school, and improve your knowledge. As a student, if you win an Actulab competition, you will meet with business representatives, get opportunities to present them your results, and to gain visibility for building your network for your future career. I recommend Actulab to every student!

Aurélien Nicosia

Desjardins General Insurance Group was happy to partner with Actulab from its creation, and to contribute in stimulating collaborations between enterprise research and academics. For us, it was a great opportunity to try the open innovation principles. In our first Actulab, we were really impressed by the passion and the devotion of the participants, as well as with the great quality of the proposed solutions to the real problems we are living with. It was also a nice opportunity to get visibility and to promote research in the P&C insurance field, and a great way to recruit promising employees.

Étienne Plante-Dubé

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